23 March 2009

TIME published a great article that hits at one of the solutions I talked about in my blog post last week regarding abortion. The article promotes a style of sex-education that is balanced, sympathetic to the lived experiences of teenagers, realistic, yet still affirms the essential value of abstinence.

If a solution is ever to be found to the abortion debate, it will be found in part by programs like the one described here.

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Craig said...

Frank, I love you my buddy, but I'm going to say this again.

There is no solution to the abortion debate.


It is based on completely unprovable factors that are core to the belief systems of large numbers of people. Even if we drastically reduce teen pregnancy there are still mistakes. There is still rape. There are still any number of instances which can and will result in unwanted pregnancies. And you will always have folks on either side fighting over whether or not the victims of such circumstances will have the ability to rid themselves of the unwanted fetus.