07 November 2006

Vote Republican!

There are many good reasons to keep the Republican majority in Congress - epitomized brilliantly in this political ad. Enjoy the election, folks.


Today is Election Day. Those of you who read this journal (yes, both of you), make sure you vote today!

When it's all over, I think the Democrats will have a razor-thin majority in the House, but will fall short of a majority in the Senate. I look forward to the day when Congress will act like Congress again - providing a much needed check against a reckless and powerful executive branch.

Enjoy this clip. Leave it to "The Simpsons" to beautifully capture the national mood.

03 November 2006

Video from an Alternate Universe

I've taken some time on YouTube to hunt for videos showing live in North Korea. It's pretty harrowing. If it interests you, look them up on YouTube. They're facinating. Among other things, I saw images of a concentration camp that doesn't exist, rice from the World Food Program (intended to be given freely to the people) being sold in a market, people walking over a dead woman in the middle of the street, other people riding their bicycles on the rims - no tires, and then there's this: